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The Real is turning out to be a pretty dope daytime talk show and with Adrienne Bailon’s latest reveal, it just got a little bit doper.

Today, the former Cheetah Girl sat down with her co-hosts to discuss her insecurities as a young adult. Having small boobs was a problem for Adrienne so when she turned 19 she decided to go bigger – much bigger – and in an attempt to get the B cups she always dreamed of, she instead came out of surgery with Double D’s that were way too large for her tiny 4’11’ frame.

Not only did she go “from one insecurity to another,” but when Disney set out to do a second Cheetah Girls movie, Adrienne nearly got kicked to the curb because of her attention-grabbing bosom.

Check out out the young Latina talk about her date with plastic surgery in the video below:

SOURCE: TheRealTalkShow.Com