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Stüssy has been a pioneer in the streetwear industry since 1980, and now they’re paying homage to another groundbreaker that was also the first of it’s kind: “Yo! MTV Raps.”

Before 1988, rap was merely an underground  movement that sought to break free of what was considered to be popular according to the music that was being transmitted on the television and radio airwaves. It wasn’t until August 6, 1988, when millions began paying attention to the “secret” hip-hop community with the inception of “Yo! MTV Raps.”

The show, which aired for only seven years, not only brought to  light a new genre of uncharted musical territory to the mainstream world, but it also introduced a unique culture of style and trends for the masses. For the show’s 25th anniversary, Stüssy has commemorated its legacy with a collection of T-shirts and sweaters featuring 10 of the greatest artists of that era, like Queen LatifahIce-T, and Public Enemy.

But the brand has taken it one step further by following up the collection with a two-part documentary entitled “We Were All Watching,” to share how critical “Yo! MTV Raps” was to music and American fashion. With a cast of hip-hop heavy hitters, including MC Lyte, Questlove, DJ Premier and Humpty Hump, the documentary discusses the importance of the show and its history. Part two breaks down the way the fashion infiltrated the closets of everyone wishing to emulate their favorite rappers, from Slick Rick’s suit to Run DMC’s laceless shell toe Adidas.

Watch the documentary below, and check out the rest of the collection here.

Credit: Stüssy

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