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What happened to lil Jake Harper?

Angus T. Jones, aka Jake Harper from the hit show, “Two And A Half Men” was on top of the world, and at such a young age.

At 19 years old, he was one of the highest paid teen actors in the world and was starring in a show that made him $6 million a year.

But since the actor, who was officially cut as a lead from the hit CBS sitcom in June, has fallen out of the sitcom life (for now), it seems that it’s affecting him in his real life.

NY Daily News reports that his close friends and family worried about his well-being.

“(He) seems to be suffering some kind of breakdown. He appears in denial about the whole saga. And he just doesn’t want to look like Jake anymore.”

They continue, saying,

“He seems to be a shadow of himself and desperate to get away from the looks that made him a a global star and very wealthy,”

After making the rude comments and gestures towards the show, it’s not surprising that the show decided to let him go. However, it is still sad to see such a star lose himself in the business.

“We are concerned about his health, too. Angus has lost a lot of weight over the summer and looks very skinny compared to how he looked on the show.”

With Charlie Sheen long gone and now Jones gone, who is the next to go?

SOURCE: NY Daily News