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Get out your tissue box, this is going to be a downer.

Most music videos present a time where artists can be creative and have a lot of fun on the set, but sometimes, their songs don’t call for a celebration or a club scene. Instead, some of our favorite music videos are pretty freaking sad, or, actually, really freaking sad.

From domestic violence and rape to death and suicide, GlobalGrind basically rounded up 17 music videos that will probably ruin the rest of your Monday, but hey, there will always be a better day…like Tuesday.

I know it’s Monday, and we’re supposed to be making you feel better about your work week, but check out our favorite sad music videos below.

1. Kelly Rowland- “Stole” 

Why It’s Sad: Everything about this video is sad. From the hopeless kid who commits suicide to the basketball hopeful who gets gunned down right before his NBA tryouts, Kelly Rowland wanted “Stole” to be sad, and trust us, this video will steal your cheer.

2. Aaron Hall- “I Miss You” 

Why It’s Sad: When listening to the song, “I Miss You” seems like the typical “I want you back” song, but Aaron Hall decided to up the anti in the music video. The first few minutes of “I Miss You” feature Aaron reminiscing about his love lost, but what makes this video so sad is his wife ACTUALLY dies while giving birth to their child leaving him a widower. Sad, right? Add in a few of Aaron’s long dramatic runs, and you’ll be crying by the end of the video.

3. Eve- “Love Is Blind” 

Why It’s Sad: Domestic violence is no laughing matter, and Philly femcee Eve made sure her fans understood that. “Love Is Blind” depicted a woman struggling to escape an abusive relationship, which she would later succumb to after a deadly beating. What makes this video even more sad is that it’s based on a real life incident involving one of Eve’s high school friends, Andrea, which the video is dedicated to.

4. Boyz II Men- “End Of The Road” 

Why It’s Sad: What’s sadder than four ground men sulking around after losing love? Nothing.

5. Radiohead- “All I Need” 

Why It’s Sad: This video is deeper than a sad depiction of two young boys living world’s apart. ” The split screen video shows the difference of a young boy living in America and a young boy living in a third world country where children labor is legal. All I Need” was one of the premiere videos that promoted MTV’s EXIT Campaign which pledged to end the exploitation of trafficking of children around the world. Pretty sad stuff.

6. TLC- “Unpretty”

Why It’s Sad: We’ve all felt bullied and insecure about our looks, but TLC managed to capture those insecurities in the most raw form. From an overweight girl struggling to accept her body to feeling pressure to conform to what society deems as pretty, “Unpretty” made viewers feels vulnerable to all their insecurities.  Oh, add in a little American Sign Language and we’re boo hooing by the end of the video.

7. Green Day- “Wake Me Up When September Ends” 

Why It’s Sad: What isn’t sad about this song? Green Day originally penned the song after the September 11 attacks. The American tragedy had many people wishing 9/11 was all a bad dream, but unfortunately, it was reality. So for the video, Green Day enlisted the talents of Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell to play two young lovers who say goodbye to each other before Jamie’s character is sent away for a tour in a war zone. Of course, Jamie’s character never returns from battle, but the 7-minute video makes you extra appreciative of the men and women who sacrifice their lives to protect this country.

8.  Toni Braxton- “Unbreak My Heart” 

Why It’s Sad: Just like Aaron Hall’s “I Miss You” video, Toni Braxton loses the love of her life in the most dramatic way possible, a motorcycle accident. To top things off, Toni’s love interest is model Tyson Beckford. Imagining Tyson dying in a motorcycle accident is sad enough, thankfully, this video is fiction.

9. Christina Aguilera- “Beautiful” 

Why it’s Sad: Ever felt ugly? The answer is probably yes, and Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” video will take you back to the day of when they felt the most ugly. Like “Unpretty” and “Stole,” “Beautiful” is a video that teaches people to love themselves and to end bullying.

10. Tupac- “Brenda’s Got A Baby” 

Why It’s Sad: “Brenda’s Got A Baby” video was all too real. We’ve heard stories like hers before, but no artist every depicted the life of a young teen the way Tupac did. Born in the ghetto, Brenda chose the wrong path . After selling drugs and prostituting, Brenda was eventually found killed. But what was sad that she now had a baby that would grow up without parents, and the vicious cycle of poverty and crime would continue.

11. Janet- “Again” 

Why It’s Sad: Thankfully, no one dies in this video, but damn it, it’s sad. Don’t know if it’s Janet’s melancholy voice or the way she reminisces about the love of her life, but either way, “Again” makes you want to cry over your high school ex-boyfriend just cause.

12. Mary J. Blige- “No More Drama” 

Why It’s Sad: Have you ever been tired of the drama and felt like crying? Well, just like Mary was crying in this video, you’ll be crying watching her cry. After returning from a tumultuous hiatus, Mary J. came back to music with a declaration- no more drama.

13.  Katy Perry- “The One Who Got Away” 

Why It’s Sad: In life, sometimes we promise someone forever, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. “The One Who Got Away” is pretty self-explanatory, so watch the sadness ensue below.

14.  The Lost Boyz- “Renee” 

Why It’s Sad: A ghetto love is a law that we live by, so why did Renee have to die?

15. Ghostface Killah- “All I Got Is You” 

Why It’s Sad: What’s sadder than struggle? Ghostface Killah rapping about it over a sweet melody, and watching an adorable kid beg for food.

16. Babyface “How Come How Long” 

Why It’s Sad: Like Eve’s “Love Is Blind,” Babyface does a good job at depicting not only the physical victims of domestic violence, but also the emotion victims of domestic violence like children.

17. Dru Hill- “Five Steps”

Why It’s Sad: Life has a funny way or working out, and in Dru Hill’s “Five Steps” a hero attempted to save children and elderly from a burning building. After successfully saving the children, the hero ran back inside the inferno to save one last victim, but the hero and victim would never get another chance at life, because the building would eventually blow up with them inside it. Sad, we know.

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