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Damn! I ain’t know Ray Kelly and Bloomberg stopped and frisked New York rappers right out of their hometown.

Last night, Kendrick Lamar came through and crushed the buildings here in New York City with one verse that made black Twitter erupt. Kendrick called himself the King of NY, and you know what? He just might be.

As I look at the current field of New York rappers, I honestly don’t think any of them are good enough to go bar for bar with Kendrick. Now that doesn’t mean they don’t make good music. A$AP Ferg’s “Work” is one of my favorite songs, but Kendrick could still rap circles around him.

French Montana gets credit for my theme song of the summer, but I’m willing to bet money that the Compton kid “Ain’t Worried About Nothin’” Frenchie will lyrically throw his way.

As far as the other A$AP, Pretty Flacko should not even attempt more than a bar back at KDot.

You might be thinking that one verse can’t take Jay Z’s spot as the King of NY! But Hov is no longer really the King of NYC, he’ the King of Rap. Besides, we all know Jay is going to respond to Kendrick in 2017 in a subliminal line that highlights his ability to showcase the duality of his lyrical skills – by that point no one will really care though.

So where does that leave us? When it comes to hip-hop, New Yorkers are the Knicks in the Isiah Thomas era, the Giants after Parcells left, or the modern day Mets.

Who’s going to defend NY’s honor? I’ve seen people saying The Lox, Lloyd Banks, Fabolous, Sean Price, but they’re more like Shaq when he played for the Boston Celtics. Sure, they were all some of the best emcees in their prime – but right now we’d be lucky to get a nice lay up from these guys or a feature on a track from some new R&B singer.

But just as I gave up all hope on New York, rapper Joell Ortiz arrived with a dope ass freestyle aimed at Kendrick Lamar’s verse and all things are good again. So maybe New York won’t be flooded with gangster rappers and fashion rappers with jeans that can hardly zip.

Maybe this Kendrick diss will wake up New York rappers and more importantly, the record industry as a whole. Because I like to get turnt up more than anyone, but it’ll be good to get back some quality lyrics from time to time.

Now if we can just get a Kendrick response from Nicki Minaj…

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