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Apparently Oprah needs some tips on how to protect her neck in an Afro wig!

Earlier this month, Oprah tweeted a snapshot of herself on the September cover of O Magazine, decked out in a vivid tangerine hued dress. But unlike any other cover of her namesake mag, she was pictured donning a 3.5-pound Afro wig that undoubtedly put Diana Ross’ fluffed out mane to shame.

The media mogul made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night, as part of her promo tour for her new film The Butler. However, somewhere in between gabbing about her starring role and suddenly “getting the feeling” to bestow a lucky audience member with a new car (and yes she actually did it – check out the vid below), she dished more details about her wigged out moment.

Oprah shared with Kimmel viewers that when putting on the teased out ‘fro, she experienced a neck jolting moment due to its weighty size. But despite this hairy situation, Mother Oprah appeared fabulously unfazed in the final shot.

Head over to NY Mag to get a glimpse of the full video clip of Oprah gossiping about her dramatic Afro wig.