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If you have providing advice on corporate logos, then there’s a problem.

But for some reason, this video exists and it is pretty amazing. teamed up with the Wall Street Journal to provide advice on logos as part of a start-up advice series.

The issue is that his brain-spew of a video makes very little sense and doesn’t really provide much value or insight on what a good corporate logo should be. If you look closely, it appears as though he cannot even believe the words he’s saying. Well, neither can I, will, neither can I.

Don’t sweat about your logo anymore, because I’m about to break it down.’s Tips On Creating Your Corporate Logo (in his own words)

1) If your logo is not powerful in black & white, then there’s a problem.

2) If your logo isn’t powerful and very very small, then there’s a problem.

3) If your logo collapses when you blow it up really really big, then there’s a problem.

4) If your logo can’t transform into other things and know what that logo is, then there’s a problem.

5) If the logo doesn’t represent the company’s objective on a symbolic level, right? ‘Cause you need to think of what India is going to do to the world.

6) India’s unique because they speak English, but they have a different alphabet. So they’re going to add a whole new visual connected language to the planet. 

7) Symbology and logos are going to play a big role in that. Understanding something just by looking at logo or different symbols. A new language. A new type of font will emerge and understanding of symbols.

There you have it.’s expert advice on logos and symbology for your business that somehow will lead into a new global language.

If you are confused as I am, let me know in the comments and we can be confused together.

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