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In case you didn’t get the worldwide memo, Lindsay Lohan is back and she’s on top of her game!

The superstar actress sat down with Oprah and talked all about her life last night on O’s show. From her parents supposedly exploiting her, to being addicted to alcohol and using that as a gateway to other serious drugs, Lindsay spilled it all.

In a few breakthrough moments, where tears threatened to fall, Lindsay said some pretty mature, shocking, and deep things that we didn’t know she’d be ready to confess on national TV.

If you missed it, here are the most important moments of Lindsay’s interview:

1. She Admitted That She Is An Addict 

When Oprah flat out asked Lindsay if she’s an addict, LiLo simply replied “Yeah.” She showed that she can address her faults in an effort to move forward.

2. She Lied About Her Own Cocaine Use

Previously, Lindsay claimed she had only done cocaine 4-5 times, but when she sat down with Oprah, she admitted that she’s done it a few more times than that, probably 10-15. She also confessed that it’s alcohol she loved and cocaine was only in the mix because it allowed her to drink more.

3. She Lied About Her Mom’s Cocaine Use

Last year, Michael Lohan released a call from his daughter, in which she’s heard yelling that her mom Dina is on coke. While talking to Oprah, LiLo said that she was the one who was wrong in that situation, that her mom was not on cocaine, and that she only wanted to make Dina mad, which she knew she could do through her dad.

4. She Does Not Feel Like Her Parents Are Trying To Exploit Her 

When Oprah inquired about whether or not Lindsay feels exploited by her parents, LiLo defended Michael and Dina Lohan and explained, “Nobody’s perfect. I love my parents.” She also went on to say:

“I don’t blame anyone for my mistakes. I don’t blame anyone for driving in a car while drinking. I did that and I’m not proud of it.”

5. Subconsciously, She Wanted To Go To Jail 

Lindsay told Oprah that she thinks she wanted to go to jail because it would help her find some peace, and give her somewhere to “just sit and be.” LiLo was looking for help all along.

6. She Admits She’s Been Given A Lot Of Chances & She’s Grateful For Them 

With tears in her eyes, Lindsay explained that she’s taken her talent for granted and that she’s blessed to be given another chance. She even said she’s blessed that someone like Oprah wanted to sit down and interview her at this point in her life.

7. She Had A Lack Of “Self Will” & Didn’t Have Any Desire To Feel Better 

When asked about continuously acting out, Lindsay explained that she hasn’t felt how she feels now – good and “whole” – in a long time, but not only that… she didn’t have the desire to feel good either. As a result, she just carried on life as she knew it.

8. “The Life” Is Not Interesting To Her Anymore 

Lindsay admitted that she’s tired of her old ways and she’s just not interested in being that person or living that life anymore. That feeling should be a big stepping-stone in her ability to stay healthy, happy, and motivated!

SOURCE: OWN ||Photo Credit: Instagram