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Things are getting quite hectic in the NBA off season! While the boys were busy balling after the NBA lockout, there wasn’t much to do but play their hearts out, and worry about what they would be wearing during the tunnel walk from the tour bus to the locker room.

Now that the off-season is in full effect, the stars are getting into other things, notably LeBron James and J.R. Smith. Check out what they’re up to below.

Thou shall not have any more jokes about LeBron James’ hairline, because he is officially sporting a baldie. The now bald baller took a page from Michael Jordan’s book of tricks when he was spotted at a conference last night sporting one of the closest cropped Caesars we have seen to date. Who knows if this will be a permanent change, but the look actually suits him quite well.

While LeBron was in his barber chair bidding adieu to his follicles, J.R. Smith was #somewhereinamerica rolling around in a TANK. Yes, like a vehicle that resembles a military tank, because with the way taxi drivers navigate in NYC, that is exactly what he needs.

Apparently, the Knicks star pulled up to Meatpacking District restaurant Catch driving a $450,000 Gurkha F5 that he Instagrammed earlier. The Gurkha is made by Terradyne, a Canadian company, and yes, it is the wall wrecking gas guzzler that was driven by The Rock in the film Fast Five. Need to know why JR supposedly copped a war machine? The Twitter-loving baller wasted no time talking about the ride on his always amusing timeline, head over there for the giggles.