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A woman’s wedding is probably the biggest day of her life.

This past weekend, the internet went crazy as Amber Rose posted a video of herself twerking in what looked like a wedding dress the night before her big day.

While all of our jaws dropped, it was then that we saw just how lucky Wiz Khalifa was about to become to have Amber as his wife! Whether or not her dress was for her actual wedding, it looked pretty close to it.

Amber’s not the only one who has taken a couple risks or two while putting on a white gown, since plenty of celebrities and daring regular folk have done it. Ricky Williams gave the laugh of the year when he posed on the 2009 cover of ESPN in a wedding gown next to Mike Ditka. Beyonce showed off her own creative freedom when she jumped into a pool in a white gown in her music video for “Halo.” Even Dennis Rodman took his crazy antics to the next level when he posed in a wedding dress years ago.

Check out some more epic wedding dress wearers below!


Beyonce jumped into a pool wearing what looked like a wedding dress for her “Halo” video a few years ago.


Looking good Ricky! Ricky Williams doesn’t look too happy to be wearing a wedding dress for the cover of ESPN Magazine in 2009 with Mike Ditka.


Yikes! Dennis Rodman pulls out his ol’ wedding gown and makes sure to look as pretty as possible for his 5 grooms.


Maya Rudolph might have a family of her own now, but she had a pretty disastrous wedding season for the movie Bridesmaids, where she was left out in the streets…to poop.


Lady Gaga was testing her luck when she slipped on a wedding dress…without a groom to match. Let’s hope she’s not cursed now!


Some guy was daring enough to slip on a wedding dress before running across a baseball field at an MLB game.


Do we even need to explain how outrageous this wedding dress is?

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