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A heartbreaking 911 call made by a witness after Chris Lane was shot shows that the college athlete was still breathing after he was shot, and just minutes before the ambulance finally showed up.

“He was standing in the roadway and he fell over and as I come by he just fell over in a ditch” said the woman, identified later as Joyce Smith, said to the 911 operator before describing how he was grasping for air.

After three minutes in the conversation, the dispatcher then decided to send an ambulance to the victim. When Smith was waiting with the victim, she noticed that his breathing was getting more and more shallow and small.

“He’s not conscious…I hear no sirens, I see no lights. Oh my gosh, how long is it going to be?” she recalls telling the dispatcher.

Then the dispatcher asked if Lane had stopped breathing and Smith stated:

 “Yes. Yes, they say he has. Finally here’s some, finally here’s some police.”

But it was too late. Lane was pronounced dead at a hospital, about an hour after the shooting occurred.

Listen below.

There is now talks of Austalians boycotting touring to the US since this tragic shooting.

SOURCE: DailyMail UK