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It’s not often we get to see some candid home videos of Rihanna, but fortunately that changes when her friends have access to social media!

The 25-year-old Bajan beauty’s best friend Melissa Forde posted new videos to her Instagram yesterday, and it showed off a sexy bikini-wearing Rihanna playing on the beach with her best buds.

After kicking around a soccer ball with some of the guys while soaking up the sun, Rihanna starts strutting her stuff in her swimsuit as she walks towards the camera. She better werk!

The best part of the first video has to be that RiRi doesn’t even know she’s being filmed until the very end.

In another video, you see Rihanna fighting to get a soccer ball from her guy friend as we listen to an uncontrolled laugh from Melissa in the background.

Even though the videos aren’t from too long ago, since Rihanna has her short haircut from this month, we think we can make an exception to the Flashback Friday rule this time.

Check out the sexy videos of Rihanna on the beach above and below!