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Anyone who’s been following Kanye West throughout his career knows how much he HATES doing interviews. In the past, sitting down and talking with correspondents on television has been one of the Yeezus rapper’s downfalls, but today was a little different.

Kanye sat down with Kris Jenner, the grandmother of his baby North West, to talk about all kinds of things, including a look into a new side of the Kanye we know. No, Yeezy wasn’t cursing out anyone on set or going on a tirade about any of our past presidents. Instead, he took most of the time to gush about his new life as a father and being in love with Kim Kardashian!

While Kanye seems to put a lot of his personal life’s details into his music, this was the first time we got a look at what he’s really feeling when the cameras turn off. From finding new reasons to live through Kim and his daughter, to being in one of his happiest states yet, Yeezy really showed some sappiness.

Here are the things we learned about Kanye West from his interview with Kris Jenner:


1. Kim Kardashian is Kanye’s new reason for living, especially since she brought their baby girl North West into their lives.


2. Kanye West thinks of Kim as “his joy” and doesn’t care what the blogs or paparazzi pictures say.

3. Kanye revealed that he doesn’t want some black guy snatching a microphone from his daughter’s hands the same way he did to Taylor Swift.


4. Kris Jenner refers to him as “soft” when it comes to being a father, even though Kanye doesn’t want to be called that as a rapper.

5. Kanye reveals that he’s actually really shy when he’s not performing in front of thousands of people.

6. Kanye says he met Kim in the studio while she was Brandy’s assistant. She brought both of them something to drink. She later asked about who Kim was when he was on set of Brandy’s video back in the day. He said it was love at first sight.

7. Kanye revealed he thought about “trying sports” to impress Kim.

8. His only goal is to “protect his daughter.” He also said he doesn’t know how to use a car seat.

9. He says that he has a hard time engaging in “small talk,” which is something that Kim is teaching him.

10. Kris confirmed that her and Kanye do, in fact, get along and love each other.

11. He says that family is the only brand that he cares about right now.

12. Kris revealed that Kanye has been Photoshopping himself into the family Christmas card for awhile now.

13. Kanye finally responded to Obama’s comments about Kim and him not being the American dream. Kanye believes Obama was saying that he is now the “new American dream,” and he took it as a compliment rather than negatively.

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