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She spill the beans!… Gloria Govan that is. The reality TV star appears to be putting her attempts at acting on hold and returning to a network near you with her sister Laura Govan for their own show.

During an interview with TheJasmineBrand at Snoop’s recent Athletes vs. Cancer Flag Football game (pictured above), Gloria confirmed that she and her sibling have been busy filming a new reality show with their hubbies Matt Barnes and Gilbert Arenas and it’s all about their family life.

The BBWLA star revealed:

“We’re working on a family show – me and my sister, Gilbert, Matt, all of our kids – you know, my sister has got like 18 kids. I [was] just saying “Gosh! You have a lot of kids!” Yeah, it’s really 4. But it feels like 18, because they’re all over the place. So yeah, we’re doing a lot of stuff. We have a lot of stuff that we’re doing together which is really cool.”

And when asked if any of her former Basketball Wives pals will make an appearance, she responded:

“So the show would be just the Govans. I mean the Govan sisters and their husbands and their families. You know Gilbert Arenas is one of the greatest players that has played. Matt is obviously, he just came off from one of his best seasons in his entire career so we’re really excited about what that one brings. But really, we just want to show people that the real, true grind of the basketball wives and just being what it looks like to be in that life. Mainly I think it’d really just show us and our families and how much stuff we really have going on.”

Oh okay!

As for her wedding that went down a couple weeks ago, the newlywed discussed the special day, and walking down the aisle to Tupac… YES Tupac.

“Yeah, well you know, that stuff’s just crazy. I walked out the aisle – ‘All Eyes On Me’ with Tupac. And it was crazy is that Matt actually picked out all the music – all the music! So I didn’t know what I was going to walk down to. I was like, “Yes, it’s going to be like Jesse Powell or like, you know some… I had no clue what I was walking down to, so I was like… “Alrrrrright boy”. And when I heard it, I’m like “Damn, that’s hilarious”. I stopped and posed at the top and then I kept on moving so it was amazing, it really was all ‘us’ – what we represent and just fun. We have been married for almost a year now so we really just wanted it to be crazy and that’s exactly what it was.”

This new show could be interesting. Are you guys excited to watch? Sound off in the comment section below.