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Mack Wilds might be known to many of you as Tristan Wilds, Mike from The Wire, or even Junior in the major motion picture Red Tails, but he’s coming hard into the music scene.

With an album on the way next month, the 24-year-old actor/singer is getting us all ready for what’s in store on his musical debut.

In preparation for his album release, Mack recently opened up a pop-up gallery in SoHo, NYC called “Mack’s House.”

With plenty of pictures to show off his signature New York style, the gallery has definitely given us a glimpse as to what we can expect from this underdog artist.

Mack invited us to his store on 201 Mulberry St., where we got a chance to sit down and talk about the inspiration behind the gallery, his new album, and what’s next for him.

Check out the exclusive tour above!

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