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If your man was born between the days of August 24th and September 23rd, you should be familiar with what we are about to share.

This man needs to be needed. He has very high standards when choosing a woman and tends to be very hands on in his relationships. Not only is the Virgo man ambitious with loads of energy, he also aims to please in every thing that he does, even sex. This Virgo man will make sure you orgasm if it’s the last thing he accomplishes on earth. They are perfectionists when it comes to sexually pleasuring their woman. He’ll be on a mission to find all the right spots.

Virgo men aim to impress their woman. He will plan a dinner under the moonlight in the middle of the sand just to make sure you remember the evening.

These men have a very Zen sense of self. They don’t let much stress them out and they will gladly lend a shoulder to lean on with a calming vibe and tons of great advice to share.

Virgo men are also very fashionable and love fashionable women. When it comes to their outfits, they take it seriously. Everything must be the best quality, match in color, and represent a powerful kind of person. Their fashion sense enforces their self confidence.

How to win him over – He loves to feel needed. Ask him for his advice on different things. He will love you for trusting his opinion. You will need to be there for them emotionally. They need someone to talk to on a deep level. Virgo men are very sensitive and sentimental.

If Virgo is your choice ladies, make sure that you can hold a decent conversation about culture or current topics. Virgo men enjoy mental stimulation from their mate, so intelligence is high on their list of priorities when picking a mate.

Good luck out there in the dating arena. Be patient, he will come when you least expect it.

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