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Chief Keef has admitted he hates being sober but does he hate paying rent too?

Apparently, Chicago’s finest owes almost $10,000 in back rent to his uncle, who is the landlord of the Illinois mansion that he’s renting.

Georghe Simoniak-Sas filed a lawsuit against his rapping nephew, claiming he hasn’t paid rent for July or August (Chief Keef is responsible for $4,700 per month).

Since he hasn’t paid his debt, Uncle George is suing for eviction and the total sum of $9,400 in back rent. Chief may be out of 5,100 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, and a house that is valued at over 1 millon bucks if he doesn’t break his Uncle off with a little something, something soon!

SOURCE: TMZ || Photo Credit: Instagram