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Ariel Castro may have committed suicide, but the horrific acts he took part in for nearly a decade are still speaking for him.

The same week the Cleveland kidnapper was found hanging in his cell, the FBI released video of that initial interrogation right after Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were rescued from his house of horrors.

And though we’ve heard of the brutal practices he used to keep the girls captive, the interview revealed some shocking and utterly disgusting details about Castro’s twisted operation…and how the police had more than one chance to intervene.

Here’s what we learned:

–  Castro used Amanda Berry’s cell phone to call her mother. He told her that Amanda was safe and she was now his wife. He hung up before she could reply.

–  In later years he started leaving doors unlocked at the request of the daughter he had with Amanda. That request is eventually what helped the girls escape.

– In 2002 an ex-girlfriend nearly discovered Michelle Knight in an upstairs room when she heard a TV on. 

– He told investigators that he should have been caught by surveillance cameras at Gina DeJesus’ school when he kidnapped her.

– Castro believes that the only reason he was caught is because he “let his guard down.”

Watch the video above to see a sometimes emotional Castro explain the nightmarish ordeal to police.