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Laugh at his diving skills all you want, but one thing’s for sure: Jay Z is enjoying life with his wife. Beyonce uploaded new personal pictures from a recent vacation in Italy and Spain with her man Hov.

The Queen posted pictures of the hip-hop couple lounging in the sun, smoking cigars, flexing on motorbikes, and even a couple of her man hitting a backwards dive off their luxury yacht.

The couple looked like they had a great time celebrating Bey’s b-day! Check out a few of the pictures below and see the full set on Beyonce’s website.

Bey, Jay & Blue

Jay Z rockin’ a fedora, having a good old time

Beyonce in all her fabulousness

Beyonce gets ready to go for a ride.

Nothing says luxury like puffing the finest cigars on a yacht without your shirt.

This is Beyonce, hear her roar.

Jay and Beyonce let the water hit their toes.

Back swan dive for you bastards.

Beyonce in the water.

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