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And this speech will definitely give you life.

After the world thought we forever lost Yeezy to the hands of Kris Jenner, he arose from his Kardashian spell and returned with the most epic Kanye rant we’ve heard in a very long time.

GlobalGrind and many of the industry’s elite gathered at New York City’s Industria Super Studio to hear Pusha T’s debut solo offering, My Name Is My Name.

Wherever there’s a G.O.O.D. Music artist, you should probably expect an appearance by the almighty Yeezus. During the middle of Pusha’s listening session, Kanye West appeared from the darkness and gave a high-energy speech about, well, we’ll let you watch the video to absorb the greatness.

Pusha T’s forthcoming album, My Name Is My Name, drops October 8. Check out the resurrection of Yeezus up top.

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