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New York, it has been real, but it’s London’s turn to step up to the bat!

Fashion month is in full swing following the New York City kickoff week, and now all those pretty faces that were frequenting the streets of NYC have made their way over to London town. The steady stream of front-rowers started it off with a little party.

Last night, London Fashion Week kicked off with some sightings at the ELLE Magazine party at the Sanderson Hotel, including the beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who was on point in a $2,187 Stella McCartney Black Wool Jumpsuit and Christian Louboutin Pumps (above).

But also rather dapper were James Middleton and Donna Air. This is one of the rare exceptions we are going to make for chest hair.

And Elle Goulding kept the romance chic in a floral printed tee, leather shorts and a pair of ankle booties.

One more look at Rosie for good measure.

By goodness, she is flawless.