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Nothing was the same, or will ever be the same, on social media.

It’s no secret Drake’s highly anticipated third studio album, Nothing Was The Same, leaked late last night on the ‘net, and now it’s time to brace yourself.

Just like most hip-hop albums, Drake’s NWTS will be quoted on Twitter and Facebook at an alarming rate, and well, we just made it easier for all those annoying people who live and die by great hip-hop quotes.

The verdict on Drake’s new album is still out, but the Toronto rapper has some great lyrics to quote. So scroll down and indulge yourself in our NWTS quote cheat sheet.

Get out your pen and pad, palm pilot, or iPhone notes, and write these lyrics down. We know you’ll be tweeting them.

Track 1 – “Tuscan Leather” 

Most Quotable: 

“I’m living like I’m out here on my last adventure.”

“We keep it thorough, n*gga, rap like this for all of my borough n*ggas.”

“I reached the point where don’t shit matter to me, n*gga/ I reached heights that Dwight Howard couldn’t reach, n*gga.”

“Prince Akeem, they throw flowers at my feet, n*gga.”

“Bench players talking like starters, I hate it.”

“Born a perfectionist, guess that makes me a bit obsessive.”

“Young rebel, Young Money nothin’ you could tell me.”

“Tryna get my karma up, f*ck the guilty and greedy sh*t.”

Track 2 – “Furthest Thing” 

Most Quotable: 

“Somewhere between psychotic and iconic.”

“Somewhere between I want it and I got it.”

“Somewhere between I’m sober and I’m lifted.”

“Somewhere between a mistress and commitment.”

“I still been drinking on the low/ Mobbin on the low/ F*ckin on the low/ Smokin on the low/ I still been plotting on the low/ Scheming on the low.”

“The furthest thing from perfect, Like everyone I know.”

“Promise to break everybody off before I break down/ Everyone just wait now/ So much on my plate now.”

“You know that paper my passion.”

“This the life for me/ My mama told me this was right for me.”

“Naked women swimming that’s just how I’m living.”

“I just build and build more/ Y’all n*ggas build and destroy.”

“I had to Derrick Rose the knee up before I got the re-up.”

Track 3 – “Started From The Bottom” 

Most Quotable:


“Started from the bottom now we’re here.”

“No new n*ggas, n*gga we don’t feel that.”

“F*ck a fake friend, where your real friends at?”

“I’ma worry ’bout me, give a f*ck about you.”

“Story stay the same through the money and the fame.”

Track 4 – “Wu-Tang Forever” 

Most Quotable:

“Young n*gga came through on his Wu-Tang.”

“If you nervous, hit the lights.”

“I hit you with the 9 a.m. in Dallas who you like, baby, who you like?”

“Nobody else’s, yeah, this sh*t belong to nobody, it’s yours.”

Track 5  – “Own It” 

Most Quotable:

“Own it…it’s yours.”

“N*ggas talk more than bitches these days/ Just let that sh*t sink in.”

“Still straight with the weed and the liquor these days/ Cause the new drugs got the kids trippin’ these days.”

“My ex-girl been searchin’ for a “sorry.”‘

“You got the Batphone and my workline.”

Track 6 – “Worst Behavior” 

Most Quotable: 

“N*gga never loved us/Do it look like we stressin’?”

“Command, it’s a mission.”

“I’m on my worst behavior/Don’t you ever get it f*cked up.”

“So everywhere we go now, full cup.”

“Open the mail, staring at the check/ Enough to make you throw up/ Man it’s gross what I net.”

“Bar mitzvah money like my name Mordehigh.”

“For all the stunting, I’ll forever be immortalized.”

Track 7 – “From Time” Featuring Jhene Aiko 

Most Quotable:

“I like when money makes a difference, but don’t make you different.”

“I want to take a deeper than money, p*ssy, vacation.”

“I search for something I’m missing and disappear when I’m bored.”

“When you find out how I’m living, I just hope I’m forgiven.”

Track 8 – “Hold On, We’re Going Home” 

Most Quotable:

“Cause you’re a good girl and you know it/you act so different around me.”

“Just hold on we’re going home.”

Track 9 – “Connect” 

Most Quotable:

“Swangin, eyes closed just swangin.”

“Same city, same friends if you’re looking for me.”

“I’m on the road right now swangin.”

Track 10 – “The Language” Featuring Birdman

Most Quotable:

“N*ggas downplaying the money but that’s what you do when the money down.”

“I am the kid with the motor mouth/I am the one that you should worry about.”

“She just want to smoke and f*ck, I said “Girl, that’s all that we do”

“Jealousy in the air tonight, I could tell.”

“Been ready, it’s real, I don’t know about you.”

“I’m about to roll one and light it and f*ck it man, no one’s invited.”

“I just want some head in a comfortable bed.”

“Talking that sh*t with your back to me, just know it always get back to me.”

Birdman Quotables: 

“Big time, sunshine, tote nines/ Bust mines, flatline, hard grind/High life, stay fly as jet time.”

“Stunt n*gga, every time you see a n*gga/ Stunt n*gga, swag on head to feet n*gga.”

Track 11 – “305 To My City” Featuring Detail 

Most Quotable:

“We did it we did it/We so far from finished.”

“At the end of the night when you count, numbers don’t lie.”

“Shine on them hoes, let ’em know that you run sh*t.”

“I get it I get it, I’m workin’ too hard, let’s get into some fun sh*t.”

Track 12 – “Too Much” Featuring Sampha 

Most Quotable:

“Done saying, I’m done playing.”

“I’ve been stacking up like I’m fundraising.”

“Moment I stop having fun with it, I’ll be done with it.”

“I’m such a dreamer, a believer in a sense.”

Track 13 – “Pound Cake/ Paris Morton Music 2” Featuring Jay Z 

Most Quotable:

“Overly focused, it’s far from the time to rest now.”

“I’m authentic, real name, no gimmicks, no game, no scrimmage.”

“Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn.”

Jay Z Quotables:

“All black Maybach but I’m not a racist.”

“I’m back in my bag/ My eyes bloodshot but my jet don’t lag.”

“A pair of Jordan 3’s tryna chase this cash.”

“Last night was mad trill/ I’m fresh out of Advil, Jesus grab the wheel.”

Track 14 – “Come Thru”

Most Quotable:

“We had the type of nights where morning comes too soon.”

“Rap game, Crack game, ain’t that different?”

Track 15 – “All Me” Featuring Big Sean & 2 Chainz

Most Quotable:

“Came up, that’s all me, stay true, that’s all me/ No help, that’s all me, all me for real. ”

“I’m the light skinned Keith Sweat.”

“…I’m on a roll like Cottonelle/ I was made for all of this sh*t.”

2 Chainz Quotables: 

“Walked in, “Ill n*gga alert! Ill n*gga alert!”‘

“Money on my mind, you should think the same, J’s on, pinky ring.”

Big Sean Quotables: 

“I got 99 problems, getting rich ain’t one.”

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