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Yesterday, Washington D.C. experienced their single worst loss of life in the District since the 1982 Potomac River airline accident.

A gunman, now identified as Aaron Alexis, walked into Building 197 at the Navy Yard and opened fire on the third and fourth floors, killing 12 and spreading terror that is not soon to be forgotten.

The Senate shut down. Navy Yard employees were held in buildings and in parking garages well into the night. Families met at a local stadium to reunite with their loved ones. And 12 families got the call that no family wants to get – that their loved ones had been one of the gunman’s victims.

While the D.C. Police Department has yet to identify the victims, the Washington Post released some of the deceased names. Those who were killed ranged in age from 46-73 years old. Their families have been notified.

We send our deepest condolences to the families of those lost, and our prayers to those who were involved in what the president called “yet another mass shooting” in America.

Michael Arnold, 59

Sylvia Frasier, 53: Frasier had worked for four years with the Naval Sea Systems Command.

Arthur Daniels, 51 Pictured here with his wife.

Kathy Gaarde, 62: A beloved wife and mother, Gaarde worked as a financial analyst at the shipyards.

John Roger Johnson, 73

Frank Kohler, 50

Mary Francis Knight, 51

Gerald L. Read, 58

Martin Bodrog, 54

Richard Michael Ridgell, 52

Kenneth Bernard Proctor, 46: A civilian employee at the shipyards who had spent 22 years working for the federal government, Proctor had called his ex-wife on Monday morning.

Vishnu Pandit, 61

The families of the six other victims were in the process of being notified. If you have any information about the gunman, Aaron Alexis, please call 202-727-9099.

SOURCE: Washington Post