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ABC’s hit series Dancing with the Stars returned to television last night. This season’s star-studded cast is one of the best yet – seriously! Whoever cast Bill Nye the Science Guy deserves a raise.

Snooki, Amber Riley, Christina Millian, Jack Osbourne and Keyshawn Johnson are just a few of our favorite celebs on the cast.

The newbie dancers and their professional partners strapped on their dancing shoes and hit the stage for the first time last night and we loved it.

For those of you who forgot to set your DVRs, we’ve decided to do a little recap.

Amber Riley and her partner Derek rocked the house and the judges, scoring 27 overall with their Cha Cha performance.

Christina Milian and her dance partner Mark started the show off with a contemporary dance. They scored a 22 out of 34 with the judges, but we thought it was perfect across the board.

Former NFL champ Keyshawn Johnson and his partner Sharna started the show off with a Cha Cha as well. Johnson is surprisingly light on his feet! Their performance landed them a 17 our of 34 and we’re crossing our fingers they won’t be the first to go home.

Cha Cha was the dance of the night. Bill Nye and Tyne did their own rendition of the dance for the judges as well. Bill Nye wowed us with his adorable nerdiness and his dance moves, but did he wow the judges? Nye and Tyne earned a mere 14 out of 34 – hopefully at home votes can save them.

Jack Osbourne and his partner Cheryl wowed us with their amazing chemistry, heartbreaking story and of course, their dance moves. They paid homage to the past and hit the stage to dance the Foxtrot, which earned them a 23 out of 34. We hope Jack got some bonus points for that adorable bow tie.

The cutest Dancing with the Stars couple goes to….Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and her partner Sasha. The tiny pair wowed the crowed and viewers alike with their Cha Cha, which tied them with Jack and Cheryl at 23.

Who will be the first couple sent packing?

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