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Move over, Chrianna!

During their lengthy relationship, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus had their fair share of ups and downs. They found each other while working on a film in 2010, and after two years of dating and a few bumps in the road, Miley and Liam were engaged to be married. As the years wore on, Miley underwent a pretty extreme transformation and it seems Liam finally decided he couldn’t hang anymore.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t quite play out like the one they acted out on the set of The Last Song so many years ago; the duo officially split yesterday, according to their reps.

For those of you who long ago lost track, we’ve compiled a complete list of Miley and Liam’s breakups and makeups…

Liam and Miley met on the set of The Last Song in June 2009. As their on-screen romance played out during filming, the pair found a real-life bond forming as well.

Nearly a year later in March 2010, at the film’s premiere, Miley and Liam confirm that they’re an item. They strolled down the red carpet together to watch their performance.

The couple called it quits for the first time in August of 2010.

After just a month apart, Miley and Liam were back on in September 2010.

Unfortunately, that same November the couple was reportedly forced to take a break. An insider said, “Don’t be surprised if they get back together.” Oh, we weren’t!

Miley and Liam allegedly began “hanging out a lot” again in March 2011. They were said to be taking things slow and “just enjoying each other’s company,” a source told E! News.

By December, they were officially back on and happy.

March 2012 was the first time Miley was seen sporting a gorgeous ring on her left ring finger. Hmm…not so fast! The singer quickly cleared up any confusion on Twitter, saying she’d been wearing the same ring since months earlier and “It’s a topaz, people.” 

Things changed on June 6, 2012 when Miley and Liam officially confirmed they were engaged.

Unfortunately, it was somewhat short lived. In February 2013, rumors began circulating that Miley had been unfaithful. Gossip blogger Perez Hilton tweeted that Miley had cheated on Liam with Ed Westwick; Miley quickly fired back, denying the claims.

Despite going to separate Oscar parties in late February, sparking more rumors that they were separated, Miley claimed they were “totally together.”

That March, Miley was seen without her wedding ring in L.A. Still, the singer slammed claims that her relationship was in trouble. She began focusing on her music more, while her hubby-to-be vacationed in his homeland of Australia. By the middle of the month, her ring was back on.

Liam returned in late March and was seen coming and going from Miley’s L.A. home.

In April 2013, sources confirmed to E! News that Miley and Liam were in fact still getting married and actually sharing a home once again. Ring or no ring!

Apparently, Miley’s dear old dad didn’t get the message. Billy Ray Cyrus paid Nightline a visit where he told the show’s host he didn’t know if Miley and Liam would actually make it to the altar. 

Things began spiraling downward by May 2013. Rumors began circulating that the Hemsworth family staged an intervention with the couple. The rumors were proven false when they were seen out together.

Miley and Liam were photographed together at the movies for the first time in five months amid many breakup rumors in June 2013. 

In early August, the world sees Miley and Liam on the red carpet for the last time as a couple. Miley came out to support her man at the premiere of his film Paranoia. 

Liam was nowhere to be seen at the 2013 MTV VMAs on August 25, 2013.

The rumor mill was again abuzz with Miley and Liam drama, this time suggesting that Liam was sexting January Jones. The actor’s rep spoke out about the claims, saying they were untrue.

Three days later on September 14th, Miley unfollowed Liam on Twitter.

By September 16th, Miley’s rep confirmed the two were no longer a couple.

Ahh, young love.