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Grand theft auto 5

Hey, guys, have you heard? Grand Theft Auto V is out, five years after the release of GTA IV.

Apparently the game, made by Rockstar, is pretty popular (more on that later). And why shouldn’t it be? The game, which is available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, allows players to basically do any kind of violent act you want: stealing, murdering and robbing are all allowed.  (Thankfully there’s no raping.)

Basically, the game promotes ultra-violence.

In celebration of Grand Theft Auto V’s release this week: here are some cool things that you should know about the game.

Grand Theft auto 5


Grand Theft Auto V sold more in it’s first day than any other game in video game history 

There have been huge first day sales for video games in the past, but nothing like this. The video game dropped on Tuesday and in that one day it took in $800 million dollars, meaning that 13  to 14 million units of the game were sold. The only video game to come close to that was Call Of Duty: Black Ops II last year, which took in $500 million in its first day.

SOURCE: Reuters  | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

Grand theft auto iv


Grand Theft auto gets sued a lot

Here’s the thing, folks: A LOT of people have problems with this game, due to it’s violent nature. Since the controversial series premiered in the late ’90s, the cost of the lawsuits placed against the GTA series has totaled over a billion dollars. In fact, Rockstar, the company that makes the game, just settled one last year for $250 million.


grand theft suto 5 - getty

Grand Theft Auto V costs $250 million to make 

It’s a good thing that this thing is grossing all of this money: because this game costs a grip to make. There’s not an exact number out there, but reports are that the game costs $250 million to develop and market, so it’s fair to say that the game costs $150 million to create, and a $100 million to cover advertisement costs.

SOURCE: Bloomberg| PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


You can take selfies in Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V has tried to make their game as realistic as possible. So the character that you play as has a phone. And that means you can take a photo of yourself. In other words you can take selfies. Again, maximum realism.


Grand theft auto v radio stations

There’s an epic amount of music

Listen, if you’re not down with killing anyone, then you can just kinda cruise around and listen to music. Whenever you enter (aka steal) a car you access the radio station, and there are plenty of musical choices: there are over 17 radio stations that range from country to hip-hop to pop.

Grand theft auto vSome of the voice actors were actual gang members 

Like we said earlier: Grand Theft Auto V was going for maximin realism. In a recent interview, producer Lazlow Jones revealed that the game used real gang members to voice some of the characters; Lazlow told the radio station WGN:

“When we record all these ambient characters that are in the world we go towards authenticity.So in the game, part of the element of the story is that there’s rival gangs.

SOURCE: VideoGamer

And in case you were wondering, Grand Theft Auto has 80,000 lines of dialogue. Insane.

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