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Nicki Minaj doesn’t need anyone’s marketing campaign when she has her barbs! Aside from being a fragrance designer and one of the premiere rappers in the game, she is unveiling her latest venture: a line with Kmart.

Nicki has been teasing the line for quite some time, including when she made her rounds during New York Fashion Week when she performed at Alexander Wang’s after party, but now we are getting a better look at Nicki’s collection thanks to Instagram.

The Barb put her social network to work when she posted 11 looks to her page promoting her new line with the retail giant. Of the 11 looks Nicki posted yesterday, six are dresses and five are matching tops and bottoms. There are both long and short-sleeved crop tops, skirts, pants, leggings, and jackets, so you’ll be good for just about the whole season.

Check out some more of Nicki’s designs above, and head over to her instagram account for the whole shebang.