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It’s not all kush clouds and Converse in Wiz Khalifa’s world. The newlywed rapper and new dad is adding another notch on his belt with his latest business venture, a collaboration with luxury headwear brand Flat Fitty.

The rapper’s line isn’t due out until late fall/early winter (you know, like around the time temps drop and we will actually need hats) and if Wiz keeps true to his word, the designs will be authentic straight from the genius of Wiz’s mind.

“There are a lot of companies out there who just put their names on something and they try to sell it because of that. But, it’s the actual product and it’s the actual time and the details that are put into making the structure of the hat and the details, and how it’s going to last forever. That’s what I stand for. That’s what my brand is all about. It’s being there forever.”

Vist Flat Fitty’s online store for more on the collaboration.

SOURCE: Hypebeast