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The Twitter world went crazy yesterday when Kanye West woke up from his Internet-slumber and blasted Jimmy Kimmel for the Kanye skit the comedian did a couple of nights ago.

Kimmel being Kimmel (aka, a very funny man) didn’t take this lying down: he responded on his Jimmy Kimmel Live late night show.

Basically, the comedian read off Kanye’s tweets…because, honestly, they were funny enough on their own. But one of the most interesting moments of the show came when Jimmy revealed he had a phone conversation with the rapper before the rant, and ‘Ye told the comedian:

“I Am The Most Powerful Man In Media…I Am Pac.”

Tupac back!

In case you it missed it, here’s Kanye’s complete rant:

And Jimmy Kimmel responded with this:

And, for good mesure, here’s Sarah Silverman, who was dragged into all of this:

It’s always a good time when Kanye tweets.

SOURCE: Twitter, YouTube

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