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Miley may only be 20-years-old, but she’s had more hairstyles than your great aunt Myrtle.

From the days when she was known as “Destiny Hope” (Miley’s government) to now, Miley Cyrus has never been afraid to experiment with her tresses.

Over the past 10 years, the “Wrecking Ball” singer has rocked her hair “au natural,” girly goth, red hot, and at one point in time, the “We Can’t Stop” singer even rocked the  popular “Jen Aniston” framed-face haircut.

We’ve scoured high and low for Miley’s greatest hair-periment moments, and while some of Miley’s hair choices were grade A decisions, others were…lets just say the others should be buried in the archives forever.

Hop in our hair-volution time capsule and witness Miley’s revolutionary hair choices down under.

Miley au natural. 

Miley rocking a 8th grade formal-inspired half up-do. 

Down and all brown.

Wigging out as Hannah Montana. 

Long wavy tresses with some subtle red hues. 

Highlights and a bump.  

Ravishing with red. 

Back to brown and down. 

Slightly sorority girl with the bone straight highlights. 

Girly goth. 


Whimsical weave. 

Red hot. 

Subtle ombre. 

The Jen Aniston framed-face cut. 

The sleek and chic. 

The lots of body bob. 

The wavy ombre bob. 

The country star tease. 

The classic  layered on the shoulder. 

Then this happened…

And Miley debuted her bleach blonde pixie. 

The moussed pixie. 

The tamed pixie. 

The gelled down pixie…minus a few more inches. 

The mohawk. 

The punk pixie. 

The “Vera De Milo” (See Jim Carrey’s In Living Color Character)

The electric pixie. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images, Instagram