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Government Shutdown Forces Closures In Nation's  Capitol

The Government is shut down. Our elected officials in Congress decided it was better to bring the system to a halt than to pass a budget to fund the government.

The decision Congress made has us questioning their ability to do their jobs. At this point, we’d much rather replace Rep John Boehner with Rep Frank Underwood from the Netflix drama House of Cards!

Matter fact, if we had our wish, we’d put many of TV and Hollywood’s top politicians in Congress. At this point, if Congress is going to be full of clowns, we might as well fill it up with clowns we like. So Francis, can you do the honors:

We’d actually like to put our boy Peter Russo from HOC in one of those seats. Not only do you need someone who is going to be the life of the party, you need someone who is going to do their own thing and not just follow the crowd.


The government shut down? Sheeeeeeeeiiiiiiittttt! Our boy Clay Davis from The Wire wouldn’t let that happen on his watch. That would put a monkey wrench in his business.

Speaking of The Wire, we loved the show Tommy Carcetti put on during his rise to the top of D.C. Check out his passion.

David Palmer from 24 was a no nonsense guy who got things done. If Congress didn’t go along, he would just call Jack Bauer to pop up and start getting people to see things the right way.


Morgan Freeman played Speaker Of the House in Olympus Has Fallen, and after his coffee he got everything in order. In that order.

Besides, how can you help the poor if you never been poor?

Cam Brady from The Campaign, because sometimes you gotta do whatever it takes to get the job done. Even punch some babies.

How can we forget his counterpart Marty Huggins? His farts glow. That’s gotta be good for something on Capitol Hill – even if his dogs aren’t American.


PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Tumblr, Netflix, HBO

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