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Long after brands like Chanel and Givenchy take the runway in Paris, the celebrities will covet their designs and be on to the next one…but not Rick Owens…He’s making sure you remember his show.

After putting on what will undoubtedly go down as one of the most memorable shows in Paris Fashion Week’s history of diversity, now the moment is going to be celebrated with a documentary to commemorate the happenings leading up to that faithful Rick Owens step show.

Fashion Week Daily reports:

Many of the dancers had to get their first passports to fly to Paris for the show—plus, word on the street is that rivaling step dance groups typically never join forces. A true moment, resonating beyond the fashion community? Oui. We hear Danielle Levitt (a director that has worked with Owens and his wife in the past) will be making a documentary about the experience. Suffice to say, this wasn’t just a fashion moment, it was the fashion moment of the season.

Danielle Levitt is widely known as a photographer, who resides in Downtown NYC by way of Cali, and broke out of the box photographing the hipster scene, but now works on advertorials and magazine covers.

This just keeps on getting better!

SOURCE: Fashion Week Daily