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Gravity hits theaters this Friday and it’s truly an out of this world experience.

This visually stunning movie takes place in space, and it’s like nothing you’ve seen before. When debris comes crashing into a satellite that’s being worked on by Dr. Stone, a medical engineer played by Sandra Bullock, and an astronaut, played by George Clooney, the pair must work together to survive as they drift in space in search of the international space station.


Clearly, critics love this movie. So far it has a 96 rating on Rotten Tomatoes and Sandra Bullock is flooded with Oscar talks for her role in the film.

So with just a couple of days left, we decided to give you a few secrets about the movie straight from Sandra herself.

If you saw the trailer and realized how authentic this movie looks, it’s because they had experts come in to teach everyone about the physics of zero gravity. That’s really important when you make a movie called Gravity, right?


There are a lot of amazing special effects in Gravity, but they weren’t necessarily done on green screen. Sandra Bullock told us that while filming, “It was just blackness and bright white lights and metallic objects.”

Sandra Bullock saw the completed movie for the first time in Venice, but instead of nitpicking her performance, she was mesmerized by the beauty of the film.

“There was no time to pick apart one’s performance, because you were inundated with the extreme beauty and emotion that he (director Alfonso Cuaron) created visually.”

While this is a great role for Sandra, she almost didn’t take it. Being a mommy to little Louis comes first for the Oscar winning actress, so she made the producers of the movie create a fun environment for her son before taking the role.


“The important thing for me was I can’t selfishly take journeys anymore because I have to take a little boy along with me. So I said if you make it an amazing experience for him, so I’m not somewhere not paying attention because I’m so worried about where is he, ‘Is he having fun? Is this a good life experience?’…

So they turned a back lot of a sound stage in rainy London into a wonderland for a 1 and a half year old. Everything was bumper guarded!”


Check out the latest trailer for Gravity and be sure to go see it when it opens up on Friday in theaters everywhere.


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