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Furloughed Government Workers Pass Out Guides To Government Shutdown

A picture is worth a thousand words.

In the case of photographs taken of the government shutdown, this old adage is true. But what’s even more evident is that we’re in big trouble if this thing doesn’t end soon.

Take a look at these photographs that capture the closures, protests and real world effects of the government shutdown. With over 800,000 federal employees furloughed, all national parks closed, services such as the IRS scaled back and programs to feed those in need cut, America is facing a huge setback for its people.

And remember, we’re only in day two.

Veterans Groups Continue To Visit WWII Memorial Despite It Being Closed Due To Gov't Shutdown

A veteran waits to view the World War II memorial even though it’s been closed during the government shutdown.

government shutdown

A cafeteria in the Federal Aviation Administration building is completely bare as 3,000 non-essential airline safety inspectors have been furloughed. (CREDIT: @DylanMatt)

Badlands National Park Closed Due To Government Shutdown

National parks as far as South Dakota, like the Badlands National Park (above), have closed its doors to visitors in the wake of the government shutdown.

Government shutdown

Long lines wrap around the Senate office building entrance. All other entrances were closed due to the government shutdown. (CREDIT: Popville)

Government Shutdown Closes Statue Of Liberty

A sign posted on the door of an IRS office in Brooklyn notifies the public of the closure due to the shutdown.

government shutdown washington dc monuments closed

A guard stands watch at the steps of the Jefferson Memorial.

Capitol Hill Rally In Support Of Head Start Urges Congress To End Sequester

A little girl protests outside of the Capitol. The government shutdown also affected welfare and WIC, which feeds thousands of children, infants, and their mothers daily.

Bay Area Federally Funded Parks And Attractions Closed Due To Gov't Shutdown

Dozens of tourists line up on Tuesday, Oct. 2 to get refunds for tickets purchased to view Alcatraz in San Francisco (a site that has also been closed in the wake of the shutdown).

Government Shutdown Closes Statue Of Liberty

Ironically, Lady Liberty and Ellis Island are closed due to the government shutdown, which means tourists cannot freely visit the national symbol of freedom.

Congress Meets As Government Shutdown Looms

A woman protests outside of the Capitol building.


And this picture of the NOAA weather site, which is down during hurricane season because of the government shutdown.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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