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Nothing Was The Same since Drake landed on the hip-hop scene.

The man certainly has a lot of rappers coming at him for being “too soft,” the latest being Kendrick Lamar, who dissed the OVO rapper (again) during the BET Hip-Hop Cyphers this past weekend.

Why is the hip-hop community throwing so much shade at Drake anyway?

Is it the fact that he calls himself the “light skin Keith Sweat,” or maybe it’s because his third studio album Nothing Was The Same pushed an impressive 658,179 units in its first week, a difficult goal to accomplish these days.

Whatever the case may be, there is no denying that Drizzy is changing music, starting with hip-hop itself.

Here are 5 reasons to back our theory up:

1. He’s Not Afraid To Show Emotion

Drake will rap about getting his heart broken and isn’t ashamed to share past relationship problems with his audience – a topic that’s usually shunned in hip-hop because rappers aren’t supposed to rap about “love,” right?

2. Drake feat. Drake 

He sings it loud and proud! Combining both R&B and hip-hop into his own unique sound, Drake practically does his own features. Some might call it the best of both worlds, some might completely hate it (which many do), either way, he has no plans of quitting his singing act. Something that will only continue to revolutionize music.

3. Real Talk

We all know Drake didn’t grow up in the projects, he wasn’t a hustler, nor does he claim to be about that life. He tells stories about growing up with a single mom, trying to rebuild a relationship with his father and his insecurities; rhymes that are relatable to his fans. He’s not a gangster, but he’s keepin’ it real.

4. He Doesn’t Take Himself Too Seriously

Rappers can get quite defensive when becoming the pun of many jokes, but not Drizzy. The “Drake is the type that..” memes and let’s not forget the “don’t Drake and drive” one, don’t seem to faze him at all. During a recent interview he was quoting saying, “I’ve become an Instagram sensation.” Just check out that pic above.

5. Paving The Way

Like it or not, this generation is about to see more hip-hop artists like Drake because he’s paved a new path for them – a path that was unheard of a few years back. It wasn’t “cool” to rap about certain things, but Drake didn’t care, he realized what the game was missing and he ran with it.

We can agree to disagree about this but the truth of the matter is, the same people bashing Drake for his “sensitive” rhymes are the same ones listening to him on some undercover brothers type ish.

PHOTO SOURCE: Wenn, Instagram, YouTube

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