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You’ve read the headlines, you’ve seen the photos and you’re thinking what we’re thinking: Good for you, Kim Kardashian.

While we all assumed Kim was in self seclusion while she was shedding her baby weight, it’s pretty safe to say that she was just swaddled in a cocoon tighter than North West’s just stategically (yes, in italics) planning her return to the spotlight and her massive re-branding launch. But most notable of them all is the route that she is taking to cleanse her name from the blacklist of the fashion world….Enter Kate Upton.

‘Kate Upton? What’s she doing here?’ well, Kate and Kim have some similarities that extend further than their categorically “curvy” figures and K names…their rise to the top of the fashion game is riddled with the same category of triumph. The end gain: A Vogue cover…and some damn respect! Stop, watch, listen and learn as we parallel the steps.

Exhibit A: Overcoming a pigeon-holed categorization. 

KATE: According to the fashion world, Kate Upton was a busty swimsuit model “too chubby” for the traditional fashion spreads. The Victoria’s Secret casting director was once quoted in New York Times saying:

We would never use her… she’s like a Page 3 girl… she’s like a footballer’s wife, with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.

Looks like that’s the kind of face Vogue is looking for as Kate Upton has since covered Vogue Brazil, Vogue, and Vogue Italia.

KIM: Remember a time when all anyone could say about Kim Kardashian was “isn’t she famous from a sex tape?” Well, it looks like she has found a couple of things to be uber famous for now, including her multi-million dollar empire, her high-profile relationships and of course her baby girl North West. While Kim has been shunned from everyone from stylists to Vogue (who infamously cropped her out of their MET Gala roundup) she never gave up on the idea of using her reality TV persona to leverage her to Vogue heights.

In an ELLE article titled “His Fair Lady,” the magazine claims that it was a struggle to get designers who were willing to lend their garments for a Kardashian photo shoot. Nicola Formichetti said the high-end designers just didn’t want Kim in their clothes.

“[Formichetti] admits that dressing Kardashian posed ‘a challenge’ for him. People wouldn’t lend me the clothes. But that’s fashion snobbery.”

Now, Kim is on the arm of Riccardo Tisci as he makes her designer dresses at the drop of the hat that are styled by former Vogue Paris EIC Carine Rotfield.

Lesson: If they hate then let ’em hate, then recalibrate the game and get your shine one.

While we have been waiting since the KimYe inception to get Kimmy on a cover of Vogue, we’re almost sure that her debut, much like Kate Upton’s won’t be on American Vogue. While out in Paris, Kim teased a shoot with Nick Knight, when she wrote of her day saying:

“I wish I had time to shower and change but we were on such a right schedule because right after the fitting we took a train to London for a top secret shoot with Nick Knight!!!!”

Nick Knight has long photographed covers for Vogue Paris and previously worked with KimYe on their first dual photo shoot for  L’Officiel Hommes, so don’t be too shocked if Kimmy takes the Upton route and makes her Vogue debut overseas prior to dominating more solidly respected avenues of the fashion world later. Don’t believe it to be possible? Well, Kate eventually got the coveted back page of Victoria’s Secret after all.

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