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I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer, but now its back to school for the kids and time for everyone else to get back on their fitness game!

I have been traveling around speaking to different schools and summer school programs and meeting lots of interesting teenagers who are seeking a little motivation. I just wanted to let those students and teachers know I appreciate being able to serve as the inspiration to motivate.

Another great privilege I have that’s been going on for almost a year now is being able to appear on the morning show for CBS “Live on the Couch.” I swing by CBS studios at least once a month to do a “Fit Minute” with the morning show, and my next one coming up will be on October 8, 2013.

I have been receiving your messages about reposting my CBS morning show visits so that those who missed the live taping can still catch it.

What’s interesting about this segment we recently just shot I brought a fellow trainer and my big sister from Florida on the show with me. The funny part was that my big sister had no idea I was bringing her ON the actual show with me, so it was a big shock for her.

Click below and enjoy the video segment. I gave you two different age groups and two different body types… One woman is a mother of three and barely has time to make it to the gym.  So, this is a good way to challenge herself. The other woman is a young trainer who does this as well to maintain or build her body type.

Remember 90% of our workout is what we eat. Eat good and you will see good results.

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Karim Ramos