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Another day, another fight…

BenCrump, a Tallahassee, most known for his association with the Trayvon Martin case has joined with South Georgia’s C.B. King as part of the legal team representing the family of Kendrick Johnson.

Kendrick Johnson was found dead in a rolled-up gym mat at his high school nearly 9 months ago. After suspicion that Kendrick was murdered a call was made for further investigation, and his death was first declared an accident but an independent autopsy found he died as a result of ”unexplained, apparent non-accidental, blunt force trauma.”

Johnson’s parents believe Kendrick, known as KJ, was targeted, pursued and assaulted which led to his death on Thursday, January 10 and the people responsible attempted to hide the crime.

Ben Crump worked immensely on the Trayvon Martin case and will now be putting his efforts towards this case.

Our prayers continue to be with the Johnson family in their fight for justice.

SOURCE: Examiner | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty