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We’ve seen the words ‘Hollywood Stuntz’ sprawled all over the headlines the past week. According to widespread reports, this is the name of a notorious New York City motorcycle gang implicated in the beating of Alexian Lien in front of his wife and 2-year-old daughter – after motorcyclist Edwin Mieses was run over by Lien’s SUV in his effort to escape a swarm of riders.

Now, the man who goes by the alias ‘Hollywood Stuntz’ – a street-biker well known in motorcycle circles – is stepping forward in an effort to defend his name. Hollywood, whose real name is Jamie Lao, recently spoke exclusively to GlobalGrind’s Sharon Carpenter about how his life has been impacted by hateful messages and death threats due to what he calls false claims in the media.

Lao wants the world to know that Hollywood Stuntz is an individual, not a gang, and says he had nothing to do with the biker/SUV confrontation that ended so violently on September 29th. While Lao admits he did have plans to hold a motorcycle rally that day – an annual unsanctioned ride called ‘Hollywood’s Block Party’ that he says promotes unity and peace – the stuntman tells Carpenter he canceled the event last minute due to overwhelming pressure from the police.

Lao forwent his ride completely and at no point made it to Manhattan. However, he says that some of the motorcyclists, who may have been in town for his Block Party, decided to break off into groups and create their own riding parties, including the fateful motorcade that went so horribly wrong.

“We don’t condone any type of violence,” Lao insists, admitting that as both a father and as a motorcyclist himself, he’s not sure where to point the finger in this incident. A national debate has been ignited over who was at fault – the riders who chased and attacked the SUV driver, or Lien himself, who mowed down Edwin Mieses while escaping the throng.

Lao denies knowing any of the motorcyclists in the viral video that captured much of the madness, yet the controversy surrounding his alias has many believing he is partially to blame. The street biker has received death threats, not only towards him, but also towards his girlfriend and 9-year-old daughter and, he says, his business relationships have been affected.

“If you didn’t know anything about motorcycles, you’re automatically thinking that Hollywood Stuntz is a gang,” he says, “But Hollywood Stuntz was never there.”

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