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59 years is a long time to live. But, 59 years is even longer when you have committed your life to service. When you have committed your life to uplifting your community. When you have made an impact that reverberates into the history books of our beloved nation. That is exactly what the Reverend Al Sharpton has done. And for that, at the beginning of his 59th year of life, let’s celebrate and applaud him for his tireless work.

Since we were kids, he hasn’t stopped marching. Hasn’t stopped working for the community. His whole life he has made it his work to to help the under-served. He has spread his own prayers and intentions throughout this country, inspiring millions to fight for a better America. One that honors compassion, generosity and tolerance. 59 years from now, we will be a better people because of the work of Reverend Al Sharpton. Thanks Rev and happy birthday!

~Russell Simmons