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With the fall TV schedule locked and loaded, we’re comfortable admitting that this season, we will not be committing to any new shows, falling in love with any new characters, or allotting a time slot for any new story lines. Instead, we’re going to remain loyal to the obsessions of last season, most notably, Scandal. 

Earlier this week, we watched the Internet collectively lose their shit over a white Burberry coat Olivia Pope donned as she stormed into President Fitz’s panic chamber. If that wasn’t an indication of Scandal‘s power in the style realm, then what’s to come surely will be.

Thankfully, Fashionista caught up with Scandal‘s costume designer Lyn Paolo to talk about what we can expect to see from the cast’s new style. And since Scandal is the show on everyone’s lips, #somewhereinamerica, New York Magazine also caught up with Scandal‘s makeup department head Denise Hood, and Linda Villalobos, Kerry Washington’s hairstylist.

Armed with all of the aforementioned, we can successfully spoil nothing about the plot line, and everything about Quinn’s look and Abby’s hair and Olivia’s sameness. Check out what we learned below.

Pretty much everyone on Scandal is getting a new look, except for Olivia: 

Lyn: “I think you’ll be surprised this season. A bunch of our characters are changing their looks. I’m reticent to tell you what they’re changing into, but it’s all driven by the fact that things are changing dramatically in all of their lives.”

Denise: “Everyone is a little bit different in season three, except Olivia stays the same. Although her life is falling apart, she is the lock of that group. For the other characters, their makeup changes with their character.”

Quinn is about to rise from the ashes of Cytron as one of the most styled-about members of the cast:

Denise: “In season one, Quinn was always sort of wide-eyed and fresh faced in her flashbacks. As Quinn gets darker, we’ve upped her makeup and hair, to go with this “new Quinn.” Before that, she was mostly natural. Abby is also coming into her own, with a sexier Abby. Mellie, we kind of have to keep the same with the White House. She can’t be too glam.”

Lyn: “Thinking about the end of the season where Quinn was, she’s baby Huck and we talk about her being baby Huck, so she’s had a definite style evolution. Before, she was all Marc Jacobs and Peter Pan collars. That’s gone. Abby is going to be a little softer this year because she found love again. But really elegant. You’ll be surprised by what she’s wearing.”

Every single one of Olivia Pope’s formal gowns will be custom for the show:

Lyn: “It’s a secret because they actually made them [custom] for us this year, so right before the show airs you’ll start hearing about it.”

There will be no more Burberry coats from 3 seasons ago, all of the items the characters are wearing will be somewhat in season:

Lyn: “I don’t want the characters wearing something that was in the stores six months ago; I want to get clothes that are going to be in the stores when the episodes air.”

Olivia’s hair is directly correlated to her relationship with the president: 

Linda: “In season one, when Olivia first started working with the president, her hair was curlier, fuller, and longer with bangs. She had a younger, fresher look. After all that happened with the president, her hair became straighter, reflecting that she was ready to start a new life. It was a freer look that’s still conservative, but more approachable.”

There is like, no nail art anywhere, ever:

“No to nail art! The actresses all take care of their nails themselves. They mostly use shellac. They all have natural-looking nails for the office.”

You can get Kerry’s exact manicure at your nail salon:

“Kerry’s nails are a mix of two colors: CND Shellac in Cocoa layered with Romantique, done by Lisa Wong.”

SOURCE: NY Mag, Fashionista | PHOTO CREDIT: Wenn

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