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Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys have teamed up to bring you the new film The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Peete, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The two ladies, who are both double-threats on the screen and in the studio, held nothing back when they sat down with GlobalGrind to tell us about their new project (which has already received Oscar buzz from many critics).

Mister & Pete is the story of two boys, 13-year-old Mister (played by Skylan Brooks) and 9-year-old Pete (played by Ethan Dizon). The boys must find their place in society and survive the obstacles hurled their way, all while holding on to their dreams.

Mister is forced to grow up fast when his mother- a drug addicted prostitute named Gloria (played by JHud) is arrested, leaving the young boy and Peete to fend for themselves on the mean streets of Brooklyn.

The story not only showcases the fortitude of two young boys with the odds against them, but proves that friendships can be formed in the toughest of circumstances.

Mrs. Swizz Beatz, who grew up in NYC’s Hell Kitchen, knows how tough the streets can be, which is why the film resonated so deeply with her. To Alicia, the film is…

“So real, so honest – to the point that it’s funny. It captures the spirit of these two boys and how they make it past some of the most incredible struggles.”

For Jennifer, who has played a wide range of roles throughout her career, this role was a “huge eye-opener” into the world of drug addiction.

Although the film tackles some very heavy topics, it definitely does not leave you without some laughs. Be sure to check out the interview and catch The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Peete in theaters Oct. 11.