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Gracii hot

Instagram is giving some professional models and photographers a run for their money.

Not only has the social media app made hashtags and #selfies a legitimate thing, but it has opened the floodgates to a bevy of women who have no problem showing just what God (and some MD’s) have given them.

Either way, we can’t lie and say we’re not intrigued by some of these ladies – they have fans and followers that rival some of your most popular pop stars and celebs.

How do they amass such a huge following? Are we innately attracted to these beauties in an effort to quell our own human desires?

Whatever the reason, we still can’t help but look and like. So we have taken the liberty of bringing you 10 of the Hottest Ladies On Instagram with 75,000+ followers.

Let’s just hope you are ready………

IG Name: @Graciii3
Followers: 181,732
Why You Should Follow: This hottie has an edgy look, and quite the body. She can also be seen on Nick Cannon’s MTV hit Wild-N-Out.

IG Name: @Valeria_Orsini
Followers: 376,962
Why You Should Follow: The Puerto Rican, Colombian & Italian beauty seems to stay up in the gym and it certainly shows.

IG Name: @StaceyHashh
Followers: 130,132
Why You Should Follow: With her bouncy curls, this cutie surely keeps her followers wanting more.

IG Name: @Sashadelvalle
Followers: 88,486
Why You Should Follow: Also seen on MTV’s Wild-N-Out, the NY native knows just how to pose in all the right places.

IG Name: @ItsMyRayeRaye
Followers: 167,150
Why You Should Follow: This beauty blogger is not only a banger, but she often uploads hilarious videos of her and her hubby that have us ROTFL.

Name: @Misss_Kota
Followers: 321,132
Why You Should Follow: This cutie not only takes awesome selfies, but is quite the basketball player and shoots a mean lay-up.

IG Name: @MissJoie
Followers: 141,270
Why You Should Follow: Whey seems to be doing the body good. This banger is a self-proclaimed fitness aficionado and is not afraid to show her followers some moves.

IG Name: @Leenasayed_
Followers: 407,665
Why You Should Follow: The party-girl loves showing off her body, some call this narcissism, but we are not complaining.

IG Name: @Jai_nice
Followers: 326,694
Why You Should Follow: Jai often uploads videos of herself lip-synching Nicki Minaj videos, which is cool because the Jamaican beauty posts an equal amount of videos with her dutty whinin’- and let’s just say that she gives Rih a run for her money.

IG Name: Iamminglee
Followers: 152,697
Why You Should Follow: Ming is not only beautiful, but a successful entrepreneur who owns the popular “Snob Life” hair salon in ATL.


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