This week’s Scandal was titled “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner,” but it could have been called “Presidential Balls,” because this week, Fitz pulled off a stunning move as Liv went for White House blood!

With that said, this post has spoilers! We’re going to post the best tweets about last night’s episode, so if you missed the show, just take some time to watch the episode below. And if you need to watch last week’s episode, click here.

Are you done watching? Watched it already? Cool, let’s go!

Ms. Kerry wasn’t watching with everyone else, because she was actually busy filming more new episodes of Scandal.

This episode was one of the beloved flashback eps, where we got to know more about Liv’s relationship with her dad. He basically runs the Illuminati.

Right away, we realize that people really like Olivia Pope’s coats!

It’s even making women change up their whole style.

This episode focused a lot on Papa Pope and Huck, so of course, both characters started to trend on Twitter.

All the events that took place during episode 302 got Quinn rather curious, so she decided to hack Liv’s computer. This pissed people off.

As the flashbacks continue, we find out that Olivia had never been to her father’s job, instead they bonded over Sunday dinners.

When Liv finds out what her father does for a living, she realized he was the one keeping her friend Jake Ballard captive. So she makes a deal: she’ll return for dinners on Sunday if he releases Jake.

Liv goes to desperate measures to make sure Jake Ballard is returned, even getting President Fitz involved. The confrontation between Fitz and Cyrus led to the best line of the show:

But as Quinn digs, she finds out a bit of information that drives Huck mad – and he puts his hands on Liv.

And a few random things that made us chuckle:

Huck Loves Queen Latifah.

Check back every week for the best tweets from Scandal!


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