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Oh, Cassie is killing ’em with her latest VIBE Vixen shoot! The songstress slash model slash Diddy’s main gal is getting back to her roots with her latest shoot, and we are here for all of it. Every single futuristic bit of it.

The cover shot features Cassie quite literally dripping with sex appeal as she delves into her reinvention for the in-depth interview with the magazine.

Check out some excerpts from the interview below:

VIBE Vixen: There’s a level of confidence that’s so evident in the way you present yourself these days. You aren’t hesitant to talk that shit on RockaByeBaby. What caused the transformation?

Cassie: Most of the things that have happened to me have been very organic. The first thing that I actually put out was the “All Gold, All Girls (Remix)” with Trina and Lola Monroe. That was where the sound kind of started. The first song I recorded for the actual mixtape was “Numb” and then I added Rick Ross to it. It was a vibe that I was creating and the story came to be from the attitude of the songs. Like you said, I was talking a lot of shit. I was really putting myself out there but I love the fact that I finally got the chance to do something with the attitude that I have. You hold back to a certain extent when everybody is saying, “This needs to go to a chart and that’s the only way it can be successful.” But no, you can be successful by making music that people love. We got over 2 million downloads on this mixtape that I never ever imagined at all.

Check out the snaps in the photos below.

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