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“Pull up on the curb so crazy, I done bent the door!”

Nicki Minaj is the best thing to happen to Instagram as of late – between the boob pics, the crazy cars, and her outing Ray J’s messy relationship with Floyd Mayweather’s thieving boo by mistake, our girl Nicki is it.

Yesterday, the head Barb in charge arrived to her Kmart clothing line press day dressed to the nines, boasting her platinum blonde hair, and showing off her sick car.

The international rapper gave us a taste of her million dollar lifestyle as she pulled up in her new $700,000 Lambo that she recently painted Barbie Pink. Of course, Mr. Scaff Beezy was in tow.

Check out some pictures in the gallery below and weigh in via the comment section.

Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her New Pink Lambo At K-Mart (PHOTOS)
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