Two years ago, Cam’ron fully embraced the Internet life and joined Instagram. Within the first couple of weeks, Cam’ron posted pictures of a beautiful mystery woman: we would soon learn that she was JuJu, Killa’s main squeeze.

Actually, let’s not call her his main squeeze. JuJu is a little more than that. That’s Cam’ron’s fiancé. Last year, she posted this picture on her Instagram:

Yep, looks like this thing is for real, ya’ll. There’s finally a woman to make an honest man out of Cam, a dude who has quite the reputation.

The two are very much in love and over the last year or so, they have been using social media to show off their relationship – sometimes in very quirky ways.

A couple of months ago, OK Cam joined Vine. With that, the rapper and JuJu made various mini videos. (One even starred Cousin Bang, Cam’s freeloading cousin).

Cam’ and JuJu have also taken their act to Instagram videos, making short 15-sec clips:

(OK, so maybe joking about spousal abuse isn’t thaaaat funny. But, whatever).

Cam and Juju have also used Instagram to also show off their love:


And sometimes they use Instagram in more adult ways.

JuJu has a wonderful body and Cam’ron doesn’t mind if the world takes a peek.

We don’t know much about the beauty, but here’s what we could gather: she’s Cuban, she’s Cam’ron’s fiancée, and she’s closely associated with some site called CandyJewelsHair.

That’s it. We don’t have much info on the beauty, but you can check out some of her hottest pics in the gallery below.

SOURCE: Vine, Instagram

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