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Brandy’s been in the game for 20 years now, y’all!

The legendary R&B singer and actress has definitely had a huge influence on her musical peers, but it’s no secret she hasn’t always received the recognition she deserves. This is the creator of hits like “Have You Ever,” “Almost Doesn’t Count,” and “Sitting Up In My Room,” – this is a woman who has sold over 30 million records worldwide!

So, to celebrate her 20th anniversary, True Exclusives put together a video that shows some heavy hitters like Missy Elliott, Jennifer Hudson, LL Cool J, and Maxwell thanking her for sharing her gifts with the world.

Brandy shed a lot of tears and rightfully so – it’s been a tough, uphill battle for her over these past two decades! Check out a few highlights below, and watch the video up above for Brandy’s priceless reaction.

Missy even compares her to Tupac and Biggie!

Kelly Rowland:

“Besides being Brandy the entertainer, you’re an incredible human being and God is so good. You’re here still putting out records, hit records, and I’m so proud of you.”

Missy Elliott:

“Incredible. Amazing. When you think of great singers and you are a singer, Brandy has to be in that top. Everybody that sings, Brandy’s name always…you know how you have the Biggies and Tupacs that gotta be at the top. Brandy is at the top. Her harmonies. The vocals. The vibrato that she has, nobody has. They try to duplicate and make carbon copies, but there’s only one Brandy.”

Jennifer Hudson:

“Brandy I told you that I sit up and I try to do Brandy. I’m working on it. I just want to stop and tell you how much you are loved. How much you mean to me. All of us. Like, the impact you have made is amazing. And I look up to you still to this day. So I just want to stop and say congratulations and let you know you are loved. Love you.”

Brandy Speaks On The Love:

“I just want to say thank you. I’m remembering everyone…and all I’ve ever tried to do is just be great at being myself and inspire people. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know if that’s what I was doing. I’m just thankful and I can appreciate it. I can appreciate it all. No matter what is happening [or]  is not happening, I can appreciate everything that I’ve experienced. I appreciate everything that everyone is saying, I think that’s what the hard times brings. It brings [being] grateful for what you have and what your purpose is. I never want to lose that ever. I just want to keep striving and keep going and keep trying to reach all my goals and to keep making people feel good with whatever it is that I do. Whether it be a handshake, a smile, a hello, a song, a laugh, whatever it is, I have to stay in touch with that. I can’t live on without that.”

You just have to love her!

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