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Well, isn’t this exciting?

Earlier this year, Kid Cudi revealed he’s working on the third installment to his Man On The Moon series, but it won’t make its debut until 2015. However, during a recent concert, Cudi announced plans to drop a prelude to MOTM3

“When I give you the release date, it will be 24 hours before it’s released.”

Although Cudi remained mum about a release date, the Cleveland native did specify that it may come sooner than we think.

“You won’t know when it’s gonna happen, but it’s definitely gonna happen within the next three months.”

The futuristic rapper, who is currently on his “The Cud Life” tour, went on to reassure his fans not to fear, ’cause new music is on its way.

“Since Man On The Moon 3 is not coming out until 2015, I mean, I couldn’t not give you more music right. What kinda guy would I be?”

Thanks for the reassurance Cudder, we’re looking forward to this prelude.

Watch Cudi make the live announcement above.