Beyonce is clearly scared of absolutely nothing…

The international pop sensation is still making her runs on her Mrs. Carter World Tour, and she’s taking advantage of every stop she makes.

This week, she made her way to New Zealand for her next show, but not before she took over the whole country from the very top…literally!


Bey posted new pictures to her Instagram of her on top of a platform overlooking the beautiful country, showing that she was about to do some bun-jee jumping!

Looking more ready than ever, Beyonce was seen in another pic looking over the edge 630 feet up in the air, as if the whole thing was about to be a breeze.

It seems like there’s nothing that Bey can’t take on and master.


On the cute side of things, Beyonce recently posted a new photo of her and her hubby Jay-Z to her Tumblr page, but even with the top half of their heads are cut off these lovers still get an “awwww” out of us.

Check out more pictures from Bey’s Tumblr page in the gallery below!

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram/Tumblr

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